Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited


Tea remains Duncan Brothers' core business although it diversified into various other businesses from the mid-eighties. Duncans had 10 gardens in its agency Amo, Nalua (Amo Tea Company), Chandpore (Chandpore Tea Company), Mazdehee (Mazdehee Tea Company), Allynugger, Chatlapore (Allynugger Tea Company) and Shumshernugger, Lungla, Etah, Karimpore (Lungla Sylhet Tea Company). The recovery in tea began in the late seventies following the improvement in prices from 1976. The Group focused on increasing tea production and modernising its factories to improve the quality of tea. Under the Bangladesh Tea Rehabilitation Project (BTRP) aided by the Overseas Development Agency (ODA) of the U. K. the recovery gained momentum from the early eighties. By 1990, the gardens had been restored to a satisfactory level and the Group decided to increase its investments in tea. The Surma Valley Tea Company with its three gardens, Luskerpore, Silloah and Rajkie was acquired in 1992. Hingajea and Pallakandi followed and finally Chaklapunji in 2001. The Group now owns 16 gardens with a total grant area of 18,500 hectares.