Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited

Camellia Plc

Camellia Plc is incorporated in the UK and has interests in a wide range of activities in different countries of the world. Its major interests are in the U.K., India, Bangladesh, East and Central Africa, the USA, Switzerland, Brazil, Bermuda and the Netherlands.

In the U.K., the Group’s portfolio includes investments in property, engineering, cold storage, warehousing and distribution. It also owns a private bank Duncan Lawrie. Camellia has investments in general farming and forestry in Brazil, catalysts in Switzerland, fish products in the Netherlands, citrus and edible nuts in the U.S. and a winery in South Africa.

In India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Malawi the Group’s interests are mainly in tea, with interests also in Macademia nuts, rubber, forestry, avocados, pineapples and cattle. The total Camellia tea crop is nearly 80 million kgs which makes it one of the largest non-governmental producers of tea in the world.

For details on Camellia Plc. visit www.camellia.plc.uk.