Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited

Other Social Commitments

The Group is aware of its responsibilities to the society and the country in which it operates. In addition to its own social initiatives the Group also contributes generously to a number of philanthropic organisations working for the welfare of society.

The Group plays a significant role in patronising and collecting art works of both young and established artists, giving them exposure locally and internationally.  Camellia House has come to be known as an art gallery with the largest private collection of art in Bangladesh.


The Group is actively connected with the promotion of chess in this country. United Insurance and United Leasing have regularly sponsored Grand Masters’ Chess Tournament and International Masters’ Tournament participation for players from home and abroad. These tournaments have helped popularise chess in Bangladesh and have given local players much needed exposure to improve their skill and experience. Bangladesh can now boast of having 5 Chess Grand Masters and 12 International Masters and the Group is proud to be associated with helping achieve this.

The Group has also provided support to Bangladesh’s participation in the Beijing Paralympics, the world Olympics held in September 2008 for disabled athletes.