Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited

Camellia Duncan Foundation Hospital

Following the development of the PHC programme there was a requirement for a central referral hospital and Camellia Duncan Foundation Hospital (CDFH) was inaugurated by Gordon Fox on March 26, 1994. The 50 bed CDFH, designed on traditional tea architecture, with a graceful green coloured roof, is situated on 15 acres of land in harmony with the Shumshernugger Tea Garden.

CDFH, since its inception has been providing medical care to all the working population and their families of the Group. It has grown over the years both  in terms of quality and quantity of the care it provides developing multi specialist facilities in medicine, surgery, orthopedics, radiology, obstetrics etc. Installation of a variety of equipment for treatment and diagnosis has made the hospital independent and self reliant. The operating theatre is capable of providing a wide range of surgery.

The CDFH serves a population of nearly 90,000 residing in the 16 gardens of the group. The hospital annually treats about 7,500 out-patients and 1,600 in-patients (of which 350 require surgical intervention). As a result of the incidence of cancer being high in the area, CDFH has specialized in the treatment of cancer. Specialists from abroad. Dr. Rati Vajpeyi and her husband Dr. Rajkumar Vajpeyi, an oncologist and a pathologist respectively from India have trained a team to treat cancer patients. The hospital has so far diagnosed 603 cancer patients out of which 340 received treatments.

The Primary Healthcare Programme combined with and the CDFH provides healthcare to the community and is a major contribution to improving the general standard of living of the workers and their families.